How To Add Value To Your Garden

February 24th, 2021

The sun is coming out, days are getting longer, and the UK property market is poised for action.

With Christmas out of the way, lots of people choose to put their homes on the market in spring, so they’re ready to move in summer. It’s likely that you haven’t paid a great deal of attention to your garden during the winter months, so make it a priority to do some gardening before any photos are taken, and viewings take place. 

Many people forget the first impression comes from the garden. Most sellers tend to focus on their property’s interior when preparing it for the sales market. One way to ensure your home captures choosy buyers’ attention is by creating a stand-out garden space. Not only can this help you secure a quick sale, but it can also add value to your property.

Here are some tips to follow to make your garden add value to your property:

Spruce it up

Even if your garden budget is small, a minor sprucing up of the space can make a big difference in how a buyer sees your home. Take a look around your garden and make a note of anything that needs repair work. This could be a broken fence panel or a shed requiring a fresh coat of paint.

Mow the lawn, cut back any foliage that has overgrown. If a buyer sees an uncared garden, they will be far more likely to view the rest of your property in a similarly negative light. Just like inside your home, some decluttering and garden maintenance can add value to your property. 

A splash of colour

Once your garden is looking well kept and tidy, it’s time to add some colour with a few well-chosen plants.

While many buyers look for gardens that are low maintenance, having some nice pots dotted around will add to their first impressions of your outdoor space in the spring or summer months. You want the buyers to visualise living there, so have pot plants filled with flowers to give it colour and the lawn mowed to make it look tidy.

Add a key selling point

A well-maintained garden will make sure a buyer is not put off your property, but something more can make them want to buy your property above any others they have seen. This will require a bit of a budget but should also add value to your home when it’s on the market. Perhaps consider a summer house or even a shed if your budget doesn’t stretch to more complicated constructions. Whether or not your garden is a sun-trap, make the most of any rays by adding a patio or area of decking to your garden, with a table, chairs and parasol, where buyers can picture themselves with a frosty beer before you know it. Buyers love to entertain in their gardens, which means the need for some hard-standing space is stronger than ever.

A little paint goes a long way

Don’t underestimate the impact of a good coat of paint on fences, sheds and other wood in the garden. Make sure to give a facelift if you have an existing summer house by adding a touch of colour. If the garden is presentable, it will be more attractive to viewers and could increase the price a potential buyer is willing to pay for your home.

Style it out

Don’t underestimate the importance of a bit of creative styling to sell your garden. Help potential buyers visualise the dream by setting the scene with a stylish dining set or some loungers. Adding some additional lighting, too, that can be used after the sun has dipped below the horizon.

Secure the garden

Buyers will also be looking at your garden from a practical position, which means security will be in their minds, too. Potential buyers may have pets, such as dogs, so they will want to see that your garden is secure and safe, especially if they have children.

If they are placing valuable items in a shed, they’ll want to see that the garden is also burglar-proof with movement-activated lighting and well-secured gates.

Make it private

Another key thing for buyers will be privacy. If neighbours overlook your back garden, you should look to do something about it.  If it isn’t too expensive, add hedges or trees in key spots or build a privacy screen for your patio or decking area. You can also use large planters arranged along an area where you need privacy or grow some bamboo in pots and place these alongside your fence for added screening.

Make sure it’s low maintenance

Consider your garden’s potential upkeep. The key to making a garden of any size desirable is making sure that it looks appealing without making buyers anxious about its maintenance. Do not overspend on certain design features or installations that a future buyer may remove.

Selling a property has a lot to do with visual appeal. If it doesn’t look nice, it just won’t be attractive enough to bring in the offers. Working on your garden and making sure it looks attractive and tidy is one way to make it more likely to sell. Making an effort to brighten up your garden space could add value to the property. Having a well-kept outdoor space can add as much as 20 per cent to the value of your home. Considering that prospective buyers want to imagine themselves in the property, a good-looking garden can be a key factor in a sale.

Clare Hughes

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