How To Prepare Your Property For Photos And Videos

September 16th, 2022

Market Your Property With Professional Photos and Videos

How To Prepare Your Property For Photos And Videos

The majority of home buyers start their search online, so it is essential to make the first impression count. We all know that first impression counts, that’s why having the very best photographs of your home is so important. Get the photos right, and it could mean higher offers and a quicker sale. 

Preparation is key to ensuring the photographer can capture your property in its best possible light. Potential buyers need to imagine themselves living in your property. They need to be able to instantly visualise the potential of your home. 

With buyers currently being encouraged to conduct viewings of properties, initially online and virtually, it is becoming even more important for sellers to make that all-important good first impression of their home and why spending time in preparing it to be photographed or filmed is so vital.

To get the most out of your property, follow the tips below to prepare and present your house to its best. It will help ensure that your property is photo-ready and a welcoming subject. 

Get the basics right first

You need to make sure that your property is neat and tidy, and well lit. A good clean and declutter can ‘do wonders’ and could make your property appear larger. Give your home the clean of its life. This is your chance to create a positive impression, and an unkempt home is unlikely to impress a potential buyer. Your outside area should also be clean and tidy.  It may seem obvious but don’t forget to make the most of your garden by mowing the lawn, pruning any large bushes or shrubs, and possibly investing in some attractive containers and planting them with flowers. 

Let it flow

If a video of your property is being taken, to allow for virtual viewings to be conducted, leave doors open so that the buyer can more easily see how rooms or spaces ‘flow’ into each other.

Change your focus

Remove any distracting photos, documents, ornaments. De-clutter as many personal possessions as you can, putting large unused items into storage if possible. You want to create an impression of space, airiness, and clean sight-lines. 

Think like a buyer

Consider what features of your property will be most important to buyers. Most will begin imagining themselves living there. If it’s being marketed as a family home, for example, and that’s what has brought them to view it online or virtually, it’s important to present it like that.  

Check the lightning

It’s no good having lots of pictures if each one has been taken in a bad light, or looks uninspiring. Check all the lights work and if necessary, remove surplus pieces of furniture to create a feeling of more space. For pictures or videos of your garden and outdoor space choose the time of day when the front of the house is shown in a good natural light. Try to choose a clear, bright day.

Don’t forget the details

Try to make your kitchen look as pristine as possible. In reception rooms, make sure cushions are plumped up; in dining rooms, the table should either be laid for a formal meal or completely clear. Children’s toys and magazines should be tidied away. In the bathroom, fold towels neatly and remove any unsightly collections of shampoo bottles and toilet seats should always be down.

Get ready for the in-person viewing to come

Great marketing photographs and a good virtual video will encourage more people to take an interest in your property and eventually come to see it as a serious buyer. Therefore, it’s important that you maintain the good impression you’ve created and ensure that the visit meets all the buyers’ expectations to enhance your chances of a sale.

Invest in a professional camera

The easiest way to get the very best photographs and videos is to invite a professional to come and take them. Most agents routinely use them, but if you’re planning on taking your pictures, try to invest in, or borrow, a good quality camera.

Remember. Selling your home is like selling a product; it must be marketed correctly to reach a specific buyer. Although your furnishings and decor are great for your lifestyle, it’s important to optimise your home for the future buyer. All of the tips suggested will help you to accomplish that. 

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